Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hope This Isn't A Sign

I went out today and bought the two rulers I needed to make the Orca Bay! Mystery quilt.  The Easy Angle ruler and the Companion Angle ruler to make my quarter square triangles.  I like that you use these rulers with the strips instead of cutting squares.  (Cutting squares is the method I have always used before. Or to quote Bonnie: "draw-and-sew-and-cut-and-press-and-draw-and-sew-and-cut-and-press.)  But considering how many I need to make, I decided to try it her way.  I love trying new techniques so why not?

The first 10 that I cut and sewed together, I sewed on the wrong edge.  I hope this isn't a sign!  The next 10 went just fine.  I'm chalking it up to the learning curve.  I didn't rip the first 10 apart.  I'm leaving them all together and they went into my "mistakes I have made" "one of a kind blocks" tub.  I've used those blocks to fuse onto gift bags and they make a cute decoration.

Now I only have 438 to go..... This step is going to take me a while.
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