Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finishes For 2011

First thing I finished for 2011 was a little mug rug.  See the date on the picture, didn't happen until February as I was busy trying to complete the quilt in the next picture.

The biggest finish I had was my king size quilt.  I made this longer and wider than I could quilt on my longarm quilting machine. 

Next were 4 little table toppers.  One I gave to my sister in law and one I kept for myself.  The other two went to friends.

I then make a rag quilt for our preschool classroom.  We use this outside to sit on so we can read books.

The jigsaw quilt went to my grandson's preschool teacher that retired.  

This little quilt was made from 1970's flannel.  It was scraps I had leftover after making pj's for myself.

Three table runners made for our quilt retreat.  I made up the simple pattern.  Fun to do!

Twenty coasters I made for a Breast Cancer Survior's dinner.

And last, but not least, the Advent Calendar I made for my grandson and granddaugher.

Not bad, but not near as many finishes as I did in 2010.  I finished many tops but didn't get them to the quilt stage.  So stay tune for tomorrow's post......
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