Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

I'm sure all of your weekends are busy too, with Christmas just around the corner.  I have a few things to share with you.  First of all, I have 30 of my little blue string blocks done!  I need to make 72 of these, so I'm getting there.

Saturday was Quilt Day and I have to share with you the friendship quilt that Jeanine coordinated the group to make for Rachel.  Rachel is our friend who was out of her home all summer and fall due to flooding in this area.
Jeanine did a fabulous job of placing all the friendship blocks together and then quilting it.  Rachel wasn't able to go to our Quilt Retreat this past Fall, so it ended up a perfect time to have the group make blocks for her.

I've had startitis really bad this weekend.  I've started another Advent Calendar for the teacher I work with and  started a wool wall hanging for myself.  Plus I found my fabric I bought for a new tree skirt. (I haven't cut that one out, but I plan on it.)  Love this time of year!

P.S.  Jeanine has more pictures here.

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Miranda said...

That quilt looks huge, I'm thinking it's just the perspective. What a great gift :)