Sunday, January 18, 2015

Leaders And Enders

I have a new Leaders and Enders project.  There was this bin of 4.5 inch squares in my stash. It's a sweater size box/bin.  These are leftovers from a rag quilt I made for our bed.  When we first moved to our acreage we had 3 dogs and 5 cats.  (Yes I love animals and so does my husband.)  I made the rag quilt as an everyday quilt to use on the bed to protect it from animal dirt and fur.  I washed that rag quilt weekly.  It did wear out and most of the animals are now deceased, except for one, and she no longer is able to jump on the bed.

Back to my Leaders and Enders story, I'm making 9 patches!  I have some other yardage and fat quarters that I will make 12 inch blocks from.  This will make a nice "boy" quilt for Children's Square USA.

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Jean said...

This is a great idea. I don't usually work on a second quilt doing the leaders/enders plan, but do use scraps to start and finish with to cut down on threads hanging and better flow through the machine.