Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The AQS Show

Last Saturday I went to the AQS show.  What an amazing display of incredible quilts!  There were signs on all the quilt displays asking that you do not take pictures, so I didn't.  Here is a link of the quilt show winners.
There are images of just a few quilts, but I'm sure they will be in quilt magazines soon.  The Des Moines Area Quilt Guild had a show and I took pictures of quilts there. Enjoy the mini show!
An interesting setting for a log cabin block.

I loved the colors.

I love turtles.

Old neckties

Look hard to see the cats and mice.

Love that the background is all scrap, but the sunflowers give it  a very different look.

Black, white and red.

Another interesting background for the applique.

Over the top applique.

Another wonderful example of applique.

I loved the way this quilter handled the corners on this string quilt.


Deb said...

Wow! Thanks for the mini show! i love the string quilt!

Jean said...

Love that show, and I hated to miss it this year. Next year I have to plan my classes better so I can go too!