Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gray or Grey? Box Number 7

I decided to start in on another box in the closet, Box Number 7.

This box has all of the gray/grey fabric I have bought over the years.

On the right is 2 pieces of yardage, about 3 yards each.  On the left are fat quarters, 1/4 yard pieces and 1/3 yard pieces.  The yardage I am going to wrap on comic book squares and the rest of the fabric will be cut into 5 inch squares, 3.5 inch strips, 2.5 inch strips, 2 inch strips and 1.5 inch strips.  Any left over after those cuts will be added to the string bin.

A sneak peek at my paint chip challenge.

1 comment:

Jean said...

The paint chip challenge looks interesting...do you keep doing other strips in other colors? Glad to see you are still working on those boxes!