Saturday, September 1, 2012

Box Number 6

I think my closet is like a clown car, UFOs just keep coming out of it!!

 Box Number 6 held a project from the craft show days.

 The box held these little wall hangings. Two were done, one is quilted and has the binding pinned on, and 4 are tops waiting for backing, quilting and binding.  I'm going to finish these up for a church craft show.

Another project out of the closet it this Project Linus quilt.  I took the kit home some time back and it was missing enough black fabric to finish it.  I have solid black fabric in different weights from previous projects.  Found some that matched well and finished this.  Gave it to Jeanine this morning for Quilts From The Bluffs.  We meet again next Saturday.


Deb said...

Doesn't it feel great to empty a UFO box? Actually, ANY box!!

Karen said...

The clown car description for your closet is a good one. Mine is just like that.

Jean said...

You are getting there...just shows how organized you are that you have them in numbered boxes.

CeLynn said...

One of these days soon you are going to run out of UFO'S :) Very cute little wall hangings.