Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm currently working on a binding for a string quilt I quilted this past weekend.

When I did the binding on the Orca Bay Mystery quilt, I decided I wanted to keep increasing my skills.  I wanted to try to end my binding in a bumpless way.  I always used the method I had learned in my beginning quilting class.  I was a little afraid to try any of the new techniques as I heard from friends all the problems they had.  Plus I didn't want to buy a new tool that I may try once and never use again.

Then I found this on YouTube.  Connecting Treads' tutorial on how to do a bumpless binding.  AMAZING!  I did it first try on the Orca Bay quilt   Sooooo easy.  I love it and I will now be ending my binding with this technique every time.

Check it out. I so love this.

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