Sunday, July 1, 2012

In The Works

I have a number of projects in the works so to speak.  I'm currently sewing the last border for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt.  I hope to have a picture tomorrow for you.  And here are some other items that are in progress.

 This little wall hanging has been a challenge.  The fabrics were cut wrong for the kit.  The corner stones are 3X3 and the piece of fabric that came in the kit was 3X11 plus it had a section of salvage that was almost 3/4 of an inch white.  So went to the stash and changed that out.  Time to baste and the backing fabric is too small.  So changed that out with stash fabric.  Now I'm ready to bind it and the binding fabric is short too.  Ugh!  So I decided not to make a wall hanging but to change it to a pillow.  Will work on that later today.
I have been doing about 1 or 2 string blocks a day and I now have 50 little blocks.  Half way to having enough for another twin size quilt.  Now to get last years string block quilted.  

And lastly, a declutter item.  I have had this sweatshirt for years but I never wear it anymore.  I decided it's time to find a new home.  So off to Goodwill it's going.  But now I have a picture of it. :-)


phigginb said...

Karen your orca that an old persons term?

CeLynn Peeler said...

In spite of all those frustrating issues,your kitty will make a very cute pillow! Love all those string blocks :)

Karen said...

A Cheshire Cat grin for sure! Love it!