Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Box Number 5

Box number 5 is labeled "Patterns".  Check it out.

Template Patterns
Directions on making a 3D bow tie block.
Patterns from a class I took with Shelly Burge.

Fun old book from my Mother.

Another declutter item.  This hasn't been worn in a very long time.  See ya sweatshirt!
Shouldn't take me long to find new homes for the things I"m keeping and then I can throw the rest out.  The sweatshirt has been in the guest bedroom closet.  It's cute, but I'll never wear it again.  Stay tune for Box 6!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Way to go!!! :) Carolyn

Jean said...

I downsized on my appliqued shirts last year...always hated to get rid of them because of the work in them, but oh well, have to say byebye sometimes. Those kitties are pretty cute.