Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four A.M.

I woke up this morning at 4:00 am thinking about sewing and cutting.  So I got up did some cutting and a little playing on the computer - Pinterest - to be exact.  I love that.  I have so many ideas that I have bookmarked and am putting them on my boards.  Love it.

I did get the last of my half square triangles cut out, all 250 of them.  Don't they look nice?  All clipped together?
To the right is the last 2 dark Ohio Star blocks to sew.  Makes me feel like I got something done this morning and evening.  (Don't you just love the sponge painted walls?  I really do need to paint that room, but I don't want to disrupt my sewing.  I'll have to set up another place to sew in order to paint.  Not sure I want to do that just yet, but the time is getting near.  Maybe this summer when I'm off work.)

Declutter item - a couple of magazines.


Miranda said...

What you do is just get a big, junky sheet and toss it over the stuff. That's what I did when I painted my ceiling. I burned some brain cells on Pintrest the other night. Maybe I will try to find you, I only have 2 pins :)

Deb said...

Hey! I started moving my book marked ideas to Pinterest too! I am so visual, I finally figured out I was better at finding the sites through my boards than the bookmarks, which are sometimes not detailed enough for me to figure out "why did I save this?"

Great job on all those little triangles!