Saturday, January 14, 2012

Am I Behind Or What?

Am I behind or what???  I haven't posted since Wednesday and I noticed I forgot the declutter item.  SO, I decluttered another textbook on that day.

Thursday - I made a couple more Ohio Star blocks and declutted an old mop head.  ( This has been in the basement for at least 10 years.  I bought it and it was the wrong size for our dust mop.  Why I didn't return it, I'll never know.  Just stuck it in the basement.  No wonder I have clutter.)

Friday - Again I made a couple more Ohio Star blocks and cut red strings for the string blocks that are coming up soon.  I've had the red fabric sitting at the end of my ironing board, so I decided it was time to get it cut.  Decluttered item was tube of lotion I didn't care for.  I love trying new things, but sometimes they aren't what you hoped for.

Saturday - Today was Quilt Day.

 We made rag quilts today.  I was cutting batting.  Here is a link to Quilts From The Bluffs and the pattern we used.  

I stopped at Office Max and picked up some small binder clips.  I am clipping the pieces of my Ohio Star blocks together.  It's so much easier to keep it together and not have pieces falling all over as I work at the table.  I did have them just piled at the back of the table, so I could knock them off pretty easily.

Declutter item - I bought a new toaster and the old one is going out the door and NOT to the basement "just in case" the new one quits working.  I know, where is the logic in that?  But that is an old habit that I'm trying to change. I grew up with parents who lived through the Depression, so I think I learned some hoarder habits because of that.
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