Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Add It Up Wednesday

I'm adding up my pieces on the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  Feeling pretty good....

Step 1  228 quarter square triangles - DONE
Step 2   72 blue string blocks - DONE
Step 3  350 half square triangles - 100 done
Step 4    64 red string blocks -1 done
Step 5  700 black triangles - zero
Step 6  112  2.5 inch black squares -DONE
            112  2.5 inch light squares - DONE
              52 2.5 inch red squares - DONE
              26 light Ohio Star blocks -11 done
              26 dark Ohio Star blocks - 18 done
Step 7  127 red string triangles combined with the 254 half square winged triangles - zero
            100 half square winged triangles set with 100 light triangles - zero
Step 8  The big finish  put all of the blocks together in rows and sew rows together. -zero
            Make borders using the 100 blocks made in Step 7. - zero

I saw that Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts is starting a "block a day" group.  That's kind of what I've been doing, but not a commitment to it.  So I'm trying to decide if I want to sign up for this.  I'm thinking if nothing else, I could whip out a string block and count it as the day's block.  The more I write, the more I'm talking myself into this.  OK, I'll do it.

Along with all my other commitments, I may end up committed.

Decluttered item - A book my husband just finished reading, going in the donate pile.

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Miranda said...

You're moving right along!!