Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pinkeye Can Be Very Serious

What a panic the last few days have been.  No sewing has been accomplished during this time.

I received a text from my DIL that my granddaughter was being admitted to the hospital for pinkeye.  They had been to the doctor on Monday and received an ointment to put in her eye.  By Friday it was worse and they headed back to the doctors.  They then admitted her and were talking of doing a CT of her eye.  It was decided to give her some antibiotics first and have the eye doctor check it again on Saturday. No CT.  They are back home now; the fever is gone and she is feeling better.  But. they are are quarantined for the next 2 weeks.  Which means they won't be coming for Thanksgiving and I will need to mail the Advent Calendar to them.   I'm so bummed.  But I hope she is over this soon.  Keep your fingers crossed for her.
Watching Spongebob with Mom at the hospital.

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