Monday, November 14, 2011

Advent Calendar

My DIL asked me to make an Advent Calendar for my grandson and granddaughter, and of course I said "YES!".  The pattern is based loosely on this one at The Purl Bee .  I played with squares on my cutting mat to decide the size, I'm not going as narrow as shown.  And I'm placing 4 squares across.   So I got it all cut it out on Saturday night.

Then I got stumped.  I was trying to decide on how to do the numbers.  I really didn't want to embroider the numbers and making little numbers out of wool felt seemed like it may take longer than the week and half I have to get it done.  As I was getting ready for church, I remembered a technique I learned last year at Prairie Star Quilts.  You use narrow pieces of the wool felt and couch the wool down.  It makes wonderful curves.  So that's how I'm going to do the numbers.

Saturday was Quilt day and again I spent my time cutting out 8 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips of Christmas fabric.  (Jeanine gave me a HUGH bin of Christmas fabric.)  There were some larger pieces in the bin that I'm saving for backings.  I hope to have some kits together for the December meeting.

And the Butterfinger bars were a success.  I'll be making those again, only with creamy peanut butter.  I think I would like that better, although the crunchy peanut butter was OK.
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