Sunday, March 27, 2011


I spent time this afternoon cleaning my longarm quilting machine and getting things set up to start quilting.  I'm going to get this going this time.  I have a number of tops that I would love to get quilted. (I counted at least 7 while I was rearranging.)

And I did a little bit of playing.  With all the cutting I've been doing, I have a couple of bins of strings.  So using a used dryer sheets as my base, I made up 6 blocks.  They measure 6 X 6. 

What a great weekend!


Deb said...

So, the used dryer sheets worked well? Did you pre-cut them also? Or were they already 6 X 6? If so, what brand?!! The strings (or stings, as you accidently called them!) are so bright and pretty!

Karen said...

Spelling error has been corrected, thanks. I'm working on a tutorial that I'll post tomorrow.