Friday, January 7, 2011

What Can I Say?

Wow, what a pass 24 hours.  (Or more)  Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling the best, but I still went to work.  By the middle of the afternoon I was feeling really bad.  Went to see the school nurse, as I work at a school, and I had a temp of 100.8.  But I stuck it out until the end of the day.  Came home, put on my PJs and that was the end of me.  I didn't go to work today.  Slept in late and did a little sewing and cleaning.  Got the 6 inch squares sewn and am now pinning the 3 inch squares. This last strip is almost done!


Cathy said... family has had the flu going around. My husband is a nurse in a nursing home and one whole wing has the flu! I guess like schools..the nursing home passes the germs around! I hope you feel better this weekend. get sewing done even when you are sick is not something I could do! God bless you~

Karen said...

Thanks for the blessing Cathy. I was really sick on Thursday and by Friday afternoon I was feeling much better, so I wasn't too bad off when I did my sewing. (It was a roundabout way of saying I didn't sew on Thursday.)

Cathy said...

Hi again Karen...
As you can tell...I've been catching up on your blog. I just now am up and trying to not go back to sleep, which I've been doing for 2 days....flu! It is still hanging around!