Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

First of all, I have to say Thank-you to God for giving my this snow day.  Otherwise I wouldn't have my first strips sewn together.  Thought you might like to see a picture.

Also, I just realized I didn't blog about yesterday's sewing.  I think it's because I was too frustrated.  I am putting this quilt together using this method:

At first I thought I would use the highway seam and after I got to pressing and pinning, I decided for a strip this long, it was waaaaaay too much work.  So I changed back to the one way street fold.  Then, because I have some decorative stitches on my machine, I thought I'll use one of those.  (I should tell you that I have made a log cabin quilt using Betty Cotton's pattern, so this isn't new to me.)  Started with one that was kind of a satin stitch s-curve.  Didn't like the way that was turning out and after 9 inches, I stopped and ripped that out.  SO today when I started I used the basic blanket stitch and was much happier.  And I have two strips together! 


Cathy said...

Hi Karen,
I had seen this original Nancy's show and had forgotten about it. Thanks for reposting the YouTube. I agree, that I would also like the Street technique the best. Less work and much simplier look. I just love your hearts on your quilt your working on! Very nice!

Rachel said...

Beautiful! Your quilt is a work of art! Love it!