Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last night went to the grocery store again!  I think I need to write up some plans, so I'm not running to the store just before Thanksgiving.  I'm surprised at how many things they were out of.

I forgot that I had 3 stars to add to the stocking, so got that done last night and started the holder/hook part of the stocking.  Maybe it will get all sewn up this evening.....?


Cathy said...

Good Morning Karen!
I am going to my daughter's this year for Thanksgiving and just have to take the ham! It is sure nice to not be in charge this year. I might have to make this a routine thing...LOL!

I will have to try that 15 minute a day sewing. I think I've seen this before...and it would be a good thing if I spent 15 minutes a day using up all the buckets of scraps I have. They are getting out of control. What do you usually sew in 15 minutes? I see your working on Christmas stockings. I did that last year...and loved them!

Karen said...

Hi Cathy! My 15 minutes usually jump start me. Once I get going, most times I do more than the 15 minutes. But it is amazing what you can get done. I have been working on a quilt-as-you-go king size quilt. I've also cleaned or picked up around my sewing area, sewn blocks, cut scraps, whatever hits my mood. Figured it's better than nothing at all. :-)