Saturday, November 13, 2010

15 More Minutes

I got Santa done today and most of a reindeer.  I also added the extra quilting to one of  the strips of my king-size quilt.  Spent most of the day cleaning, we're having Thanksgiving here, which is always fun. I want to have Sophie's stocking done by then so she can take it home.


Cathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you are staying on track to get lots accomplished! I'm trying to finish my t-shirt quilt TODAY! It is going slow...because I am slow!

Karen said...

Thanks Cathy! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I can hardly wait to see your quilt. I know the feeling of slow. I feel like that the king-size quilt will never get done. It does help me stay on track to write about it every day, tho.