Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Break

Today is the first day of my summer break!  I love this day.  I have so many projects I want to work on this summer, namely those UFOs that I listed out at the first of the year.  I have yet to take any to the finish line, but soon.

It's been kind of wild weather-wise around here.  We had a big storm on Sunday and then another on Tuesday which left us without electricity both times.  Plus, we didn't have any last night.  No storms, I figured they had to cut the power to finish working on a major project.

This is what we ended up with Tuesday:

At least we had little hail and not the big stuff that was north of us.  We had that a couple of years ago, so I really feel for what our neighbors to the north of us are going through.

The water came rushing off the fields behind and to the sides of us.  This is our side yard.  Lots of old corn stalks left for us to pick up.

Today is overcast and I'm working on cleaning up my cutting table.  Along with that, I'm cutting the 2 inch squares I need to finish step 2 of Celtic Solstice.
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