Saturday, March 22, 2014


I've been rooting through my stash looking for bright yellows for my Celtic Solstice.  When I find a bright yellow, it's usually a solid.  Really has me thinking about what fabrics I need to look for the next Shop Hop I go on.  I did find this block of the month from 2002 that Hancock Fabrics did.  I never was very fond of it as it reads as too much of a solid for me.

But the yellow, green and royal blue will be perfect in Celtic Solstice!  I'm going to sew the blocks together and use them on a backing, the pieces of blocks will go in the orphan block box and the yardage into the stash for Celtic Solstice.  Nice to finally make a decision on this project.  


CeLynn said...

Great idea to use the blocks for the backing of your Celtic Solstice quilt! Using up old projects/fabrics sure is a great feeling.

Jean said...

I remember that one! It's great that you will be able to finish and use it. I always thought that quilt needed some orange or pink....something to jazz it up.

Quilts from the Bluffs said...

I have some new yellows and blues if you still need some. You can look Saturday.