Saturday, March 15, 2014

Long Time, No Posts

I know, long time, no posts.  Two weeks ago, I was sicker than sick with the flu or some virus.  Nasty, nasty thing that really put me out of commission for the whole weekend.  Last weekend we went to MN to visit the Grands and to celebrate Sophie's 4th birthday early.  She was so excited!

And because we were traveling, I was able to finish another hexie.

During the week I have been working on my pieced border for "Everything But The Kitchen Sink".  These blocks are 2.5 by 2.5.

I also have been cutting out Step 2 of Celtic Solstice.  I'm sewing it as a Leader and Ender.  

  I have 488 green rectangles cut out and am working on the yellow squares that will be sewn to the corner of each rectangle.  I still have the light squares to work on too before I'm ready to bag these up.  I've been marking the little squares as I go, so everything will be ready to sew.  

Hope you're making progress on your projects, too!
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