Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back To Work

Friday I went back to work.  So sad to leave my quilting room and all the sewing I still want to do.  But I did have a great day on Thursday.  I canned or freeze all the produce I had shown you and I cleaned some in my sewing room.  Still have a ways to go, but at least I made progress.  (I figure it works for making quilts, it should be good for cleaning my sewing room.)

The only projects I want to have stay in the room are the PhDs (projects half done) and the last of the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that are on my lists for the Guild Challenge and for Connie's Game through Country Threads.

I do have a pile of scrap that I want to cut up and clear off the cutting table.  I cleaned up all of my 5 inch squares and put them in a plastic bin.  Put the 5 inch strips in the drawer where the squares had been.  Now to figure out how to store the overflow of 2.5 inch and 2 inch strips.....
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