Monday, August 19, 2013

Another PhD

Another PhD is well on it's way to being completed!  WooHooo!

This was a Block of The Month by Hancock fabrics in 2006, to honor Lewis and Clark.  However, I didn't like the colors that were used, so I changed out the fabrics.  The quilting of this was much harder then in looks, even if I only did a meander.  We had problems with the stitching.  And it took us forever to finally figure out what the problem was. We changed the thread, added a mesh holder for the thread, changed the needle, took an over night break, changed the bobbin case, and then changed the bobbin. And that was the problem.  The prewound bobbin, even with using 2 different ones, ended up being the problem. A bad batch of prewound bobbins.  A different prewound bobbin worked.

Practice section.
See the big mess it kept leaving on the back.  We had to rip out so much quilting.  But we got it done!

Started quilting this on Saturday and finished it on Sunday.  Thank you Jeanine for all your help in getting this quilt quilted!
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