Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Sew(Snow) Day

Yesterday , Sunday, the weather people said we were going to get rain mixed with snow, turning to snow.  Accumulation of about 1 inch.  Well guess again!  We received about 9 inches of snow!

Saturday, quilt day, I had taken this picture.  A sure sign of Spring, daffodils.

By Sunday afternoon, we had this:
 And this:

So, it became a sew(snow) day for me.  I finished the backing for this pillow.

At a Quilt Guild meeting last Fall, I brought home this top, batting and backing to quilt.  I quited it and got the binding finished.

A great day!


Jean Kritenbrink said...

And it's not over yet! Love how your pillow turned out. Too bad about the daffodils, hopefully they are close enough to the house that they stay warm under the blanket of snow. It is already melting here.

CeLynn said...

Just goes to show,mother nature is still unpredictable,even with all the technology around! Your pillow is stunning,love how it turned out :0) Great job on the quilt finish too.

Jean Kritenbrink said...

Sorry to bug you on your blog, but could you check to see if my email comes up as no reply when it comes through? Thanks!

Karen said...

Yes, Jean it does come up that you are a noreply.