Saturday, June 2, 2012


What is it about getting so far into a project, that suddenly, I get startitis.  Is it because the current project is getting close to being finished that I start thinking about what to do next?  And with that thinking, I get all excited and want to drop what I'm doing now and start the next thing?  Actually, I think that's what happens.  And in the past I have dropped the current project in favor for the new one.  Which is why I have so many UFO's.  It also didn't help that Bonnie Hunter came out with a new book that has me sooo excited.  I want to make the Santa Fe String Star!  (And yes, I did pre-order the book.)

Late afternoon yesterday, my husband, myself and the dog took a walk to the mailbox.  On the way back my husband spotted this little guy in the mulberry tree.
He still has lots of his down and he had a death grip on the tree branch.  Not sure if he fell out of the nest or if he was learning to fly.  We could hear one or both of the parent birds calling.  When I took the dog out again about 2 hours later, he was gone.  Hope he managed to fly away as I didn't see him on the ground under the tree.


Jean said...

I know what you mean. I am always thinking of the next project while I am making the current. I usually get the tops finished, mainly because I teach classes on them! Otherwise, who knows.

Deb said...

Ah...Startitis...the curse of the Rold daughters! I prefer to blame it on Mom!!

Keep up with Orca, it is so fabulous, you will be glad you did. But, it doesn't hurt to throw in a few little projects now and then to break it up!