Saturday, October 15, 2011

Still Catching Up

I'm still catching up.  This is the last project I worked on at the Retreat and it's still at about the same stage even though it's been 3 weeks.  (Has it really been that long?) I showed you the fabric here.
And you may even be able to read the date on the picture, Oct 2.  That was a week after the Retreat!

On a positive note, look at how much I have left of my Christmas fabric stash!
This bin was filled to the top and it was really mashed into the bin.  I'm thinking those jelly roll racers may be the ticket to reducing the overflow of fabric in a bin!

And last but not least are 3 of the criss cross coasters I made last night.
I love making these.  They go together so fast and are so cute.  What great gifts they would make. Have a great day!
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