Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quilt Guild

I went to Piecemaker's Quilt Guild again last night.  What a wonderful time.  There was Show and Tell and treats after the meeting.  But the program was the best part.  Two members from the guild did Trunk Show's of their own work .


For years I have thought "I wish I could do that."  Now I've been trying to change my thinking and my thoughts tonight were, "I know I could make quilts like that."  I believe it.  And I felt a peace when I thought that.

Looking forward to what my quilting days bring!

PS  I'l link you up with the Guild's blog when the pictures are up.


phigginb said...

Karen I know you can do that! I like your thoughts

The Sunflower Patch said...

I went to a Guild meeting this past Saturday. One of the members demonstrated how to quilt as you go,it was awesome!

I was thinking that same thing,I can do that!

Deb said...

Yes, you CAN have a trunk show like that. As busy and productive as you have been these last two years, I think you would be a great inspiration to people on two subjects near and dear to quilters hearts:
1) Time management--you been faithful to your commitment of 15 minutes a day.
2) Using your stash!! While I know the piles may seem unending, look at the huge dent you have made in the last year with all your quilts and quilt tops. Pinks...gone! Christmas fabric--almost gone. Wahoo!!

I am so proud of you! I hope when I grow up I will be as productive and inspiring as my big sister!!

what-sew-ever said...

Hello I like your puzzle quilt. I made one and think its fun enough to do another. I was born up in Spencer Iowa, transplanted to Calif- 1963 as a teen, now a grandma and longarm quilter. I'd like to follow your blog!!