Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A little more on my Featherweight, a couple of people asked about the age of my machine.  LaDonna at A Sisterly Connection gave me a site so I could check out when my machine was "born".  It was "born" on December 8 1937.  

I sat down to play with it last night and was amazed.  I threaded the machine without looking at the book.  Before sewing, I checked with the book; it was correct!  Amazing how that muscle memory can last beyond my brain memory.

It works great!  Now I have to find a project to do on it.  Hmmm....a project on every machine?  Will I sew any faster?  Will I get more things done?  Doubt it!  LOL


LaDonna and Diana said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how well built these little machines are?! They just don't make them like that anymore!


Deb said...

Granted, the Featherweight has a logical threading system, but I do suspect "muscle memory" had a lot to do with it. Think how many times we threaded and rethreaded Mom's Featherweight?

I think if you can master using two foot pedals, you could sew twice as fast...and use one eye and one hand for each machine. Maybe that's why God gave us two hands/feet/eyes? Maybe not...

I am looking forward to seeing your new baby! Have you named her?


Jean said...

Wow that's amazing!
I think you should start a new project on it to break it in.