Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cleaning, well, sort of.

I spent some time cleaning today, in the house and in my sewing room.  Well, sort of.  I had a stack of batting pieces that I either could stick in a tub/bin or I could get busy and sew them together to create some "new" batting.  I opted to make some "new" batting.  I have never done this before.  (I have a bin in the basement of pieces that I've been going to do this with someday.)

So I took the leap and sewed the pieces together.  I don't know why I always had thought that it would be so hard.  It wasn't.  One goal for this summer is to sew the rest of the pieces together and use them instead of having them sit in a bin waiting for the perfect time.

Onto another topic - do you ever get in the mood to go fabric shopping?  I was really having a time of it on Saturday.  I've been trying hard to use what I have and not buy new until I get some of my stash used.  Instead, I started reading blogs and looking at new fabric EVERYONE else had.  While doing this I found a nice pattern that is perfect for a batch of fabric I had bagged. I knew it the minute I saw the pattern.  And the amazing part, all the fabric I needed was in the bag AND IT WAS THE RIGHT AMOUNT! 

Now I'm dealing with startitis. (To quote The Yarn Harlot.)  And Heaven knows I don't NEED to start another project.  I have too many UFOs/WIPs as is......


The Sunflower Patch said...

Wow that is so cool, making your own "new batting" That thought had never crossed my mind.I always just use the bits & pieces in smaller projects. Sew Many projects, Sew Little time!

rubyslipperz said...

I soooo can relate to - thinking a project is too hard/complicated and then, it takes me forever to start. Once I do, it wasn't nearly as bad as i had thought.

I too, do the same thing...surfing blogland and seeing lots of new stuff when i should be working on projects I already have in progress.

But, one thing I try to keep in mind, "quilting, sewing, crafty's the journey, not always the end result." What did we learn in the process...and maybe who did we meet?


Deb said...

Isn't it fun to go "shopping" in your own stash? When I have been organizing, sometimes I find pieces that seem like they were "meant" to go together, so I'll put them in a little "kit"--and then wait for the right pattern to appear--just like you did!!