Thursday, December 30, 2010

More On The 2010 Final Countdown

 I just wanted to show you what I found in the bin of this UFO project.  There are 3 paper bags: one has half-square triangles, one has scraps and the other has strips.  Lots of pieces.  Now I know why this has sat for so long, it's going to take a little time to figure it all out.  Plus lots of pages with instructions.  I know we added tape to our ruler to make it easy to find the 2.5 mark. (I still have the tape on the ruler.)
There were some blocks that were done.  I have always wanted to make this type of quilt, so now is my chance. (After the king-size quilt.) 


Deb said...

Was this with bias squares? It looks kind of like a UFO I have from a Shelley Burge class...something about Dutch Windmills? I have most of my square cut...but then got this crazy idea I wanted it BIGGER!! I think I should go back to my original wall size and just get it done!!

Karen said...

It is from the Shelly Burge class and we took it together. I think it was offered through the quilt guild. I haven't looked at it too close as I have been really working hard on the king-size quilt. Will check out exactly how much I have done once I start to finish it up. There is more about this project on the previous post.

Deb said...

You're right! I somehow missed the previous post--and we took the class in was my first class after having Jonathan the end of July. A chance to be gone ALL day with his colic!! I love the "oldest" challenge...I think I will check that out tomorrow.