Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Step For The Bag

After top stitching all around the edge of the 18 inch square, you will fold it in thirds. Make sure the point of the opposite corners are to the edge. If you don't, the bag will flop open in a way that won't make you happy. You will then stitch 1 inch away from the center of the piece. In this picture that one inch line is marked in blue with a water erase pen.  TIP:  To find the center of the bag, fold in half and iron.  The crease will give you the center and you can then mark your stitching line

On a side note, I had to rip out the stitching on 4 bags because we didn't get the point to the edge as shown. That's how I know you won't be happy with a bag that flops open. 
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