Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilt-Along Week 9

All 4 strips are done for Week 9 of the Quilt-along. Yeah!

I decided since I couldn't remember when I last took my machine in to be cleaned and oiled, that it must be due to have that done. So, I took it to the dealer and found out that the couple that takes care of that is on vacation until August 12. AND it could be up to 10 days after that before my machine is ready for me to pick up. So now what? I do have an old Singer that I had cleaned and oiled last summer and haven't used. Guess I will be playing with that.
Although I could:
Clean in my sewing room.
Cut scraps.
Cut out a project and have it ready to sew.
Cut batting for a project I have fabric ready for.
We'll see where this waiting takes me.

I'm kind of sad, cause I won't get my quilt-along done on time.
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