Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The quilting biorhythms are off today.

I was cutting out the backing for my turkey when I realized that I had cut it 20.5 and not 21.5. So I told myself "OK, don't panic, just turn the fabric around. It didn't work. The fabric has a big white selvage of over an inch on both sides and even with fudging a little with the seam, it still didn't work. :-(

OK, take a break. Found some new fabric in the stash and put the cut piece back. I'm afraid to go near it right now. I'm waiting until tomorrow and that WRONG number is out of my brain. I'm also afraid to go near the old sewing machine as it seems like my brain is turned off for right now. I'm blaming the heat. What else could it be?

Took the dog for a walk to the mail box as I normally do. Get to the mail box and the pattern for block 7 and 8 for my BOM are in the box! I don't even have 5 and 6 started. Guess I know what I'll be working on.
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