Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Deep Stash

I used some more of my deep stash.  If you have read my past few posts, they have been about the monthly challenge that Cut Up And Quilt has for CUAQ Therapy.

This month's Villa Rosa Design is "Honor".  I love novelty fabrics and so I had some Easter fabric that worked up great in this pattern.  The gold fabric is "Millennium" by Jinny Beyer.  Not the oldest, but getting up there.

My husband was trying his best to help me with this picture as the wind was so strong.

Here it is at CUAQ Therapy, no wind.

I also made this one with the same pattern.  I love the silly little squirrels.  This pattern works so well with fabrics you just can't cut up.  Now I have more quilts to get quilted!  And maybe one more quilt to make....hmmmm

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