Saturday, January 16, 2016


The first weekend in January my sister, Deb, came over and we sewed together.  Actually she sewed!  She was working on some cute pouches.  I love how her hair has come back in after her Chemo.  She had such straight hair and now it's curly!

I decided to take my bin of muslin fabric and cut the "scraps" into squares to use for foundation fabric for string blocks.  I've been cutting on those scraps since summer and I'm really tired of them in hanging around in the sewing room.  LOL  So I finished cutting them.  A project completed even though it isn't a quilt or anything.  Sometimes that background work gets forgotten when we're working on a project.  This is part of what I have ended up with, 6.5 inch squares.  I have no idea how many squares are in there, but I bet at least one, maybe two, quilts worth.

Does any one else love recycling those plastic boxes for quilt projects?  Some of them are the perfect size for temporary storage.

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