Saturday, September 12, 2015


My Avignon Picnic quilt is quilted!  Just need to add the binding.  

A few years ago a friend had made a quilt with bright batiks and black that I fell in love with.  I now have that one crossed off my wish list.  I had lots of leftover fabric, so I will be making something else with those pieces.

So many ideas and desires of quilts I would love to make.  I think maybe that's one reason why I have so many UFOs.  I love to start the quilts but soon I'm thinking about the next one and the pull to start can be come so great that I quit what I'm doing and start it. ( also know as Startitis)

Speaking of finishing, I need to get back to the last of my table toppers!


Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts said...

Your quilt is wonderful and I too have crossed that one off my list.
I have that affliction, there are so many designs I desire to make also. Well as prolific as you are I expect I'll be seeing another soon.

Jean said...

It is gorgeous! I like the panto you used too. Looks great with the design.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful! I certainly understand the Startitis problem, too.