Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Really Have Been Working

I really have been working on projects.  It's just that everything is at the stage....

I have been working at cleaning off my cutting table.  Cut some 4 patches for Celtic Solstice and I have had these strips sewn together for what seems to be forever.  I am cutting and sewing them to clean off the table.  The bonus is, I have some more blocks done!

Ready to sew.

The hot mess.
More strip sets ready to cut, will work on those again this evening.  I have homework for my sample class and a graduation quilt I need to get going on.  I need the room.  It's going to get cleaned!!!


Jean said...

Sometimes the hot mess turns into something cool!

Stitches said...

HI, how are you coming with cleaning your quilting room...I've been trying and it doesn't seem to work for me!!! I make a bigger mess than when I started..