Monday, September 1, 2014

Back Burner

School started this week and I'm back to work so quilting is going to the back burner.  I had the wonderful big push last weekend to keep me inspired.

It was rainy every day this week and it made it hard to get out to garden.  Finally we were able to pick produce and oh my goodness!  Lots of beans, tomatoes and basil.  I was going to stop making pesto but, I guess not.  The garden has kind of put a crimp in my sewing time.  But I did do some.

I did decide it was time to head back to Celtic Solstice since Bonnie has been talking about how she is working on this year's Mystery Quilt.  I'm so excited.  Really would like to have this quilt top done before she announces this years.  I am on Step 4, making green and orange 4-patch blocks.  I have 10 done, only 290 left to go.

I've been trying to use greens and oranges that I have in my stash, plus the few that Jeanine gave me from Quilts From The Bluffs stash.  This quilt is going to QFTBs when it's completed.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I'm still off work today for Labor Day.  Back to work tomorrow.


Jean said...

Hmmmm here you are counting again. I can't wait to see this one finished!

CeLynn said...

The garden does bite into the sewing time,but you will be happy for all those preserved veggies this winter! Good luck on a speedy finish for this years quilt.