Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted!  I'll play a little catch up right now.  First, I got a black border sewn on my "Everything But The Kitchen Sink".  And it has just sat there waiting for the next border.  Now I know why, I don't like the black in the middle of my 1930's reproduction fabrics.  I know that black was used with them, but there is nothing that ties it to the center of the quilt.  So I'm going to take that off and use something from my stash.

Last Friday was Valentine's Day and we go out with two other couples.  A few years ago we started making gifts for each other.  This year I made pillow cases for everyone.

Chris made market bags for us.  I love this!  I have tried making one, and couldn't get the first row after the bottom to come out right.  She has such a talent.

Mary made gift baskets for us.  Mine had sewing supplies.  A packet of fat quarters, pins and a really cool pin catcher.  It's under the basket.  Mary found the idea on Pinterest.  You glue magnets to the bottom of a saucer.  And she said that was harder than you might think as the magnets kept trying to stick to each other.

More catching up to come. :-)
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