Sunday, November 10, 2013

Easy Street

My first border for Easy Street is sewn together.  Tonight I plan on measuring how long the side edges are.  Just curious, do you measure your borders or do you just sew them on and wack off the extra?  I use to use that method until I found out that it gives you wavy borders.  Now I measure the quilt through the middle.

I started this post last weekend and never finished it.  UGH!

Sooooo, I do have the first border sewn on and am now cutting out the second border.  I'm not really sold on the fabric, but it's what I have in my stash that was enough yardage.  And this quilt is all stash fabric.

I'm hoping it will help tie in the colors and not fight with the quilt.  I did audition it and it did look OK.  But I really think the problem is that I didn't have enough fabric of my first choice.
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