Thursday, June 16, 2011


Remember when I told you I was addicted to fabric?  I have been going through withdrawal as I have not been sewing or cutting fabric.  (OK, maybe a little cutting.)  Cleaning my sewing room and touching fabric but not working with it has been hard.  I keep telling myself that it's OK, I can sew ALL next week, but now I have to get this room ready for Sophie.  And she is worth it.  I don't have a problem, really I don't. 


rubyslipperz said...

I have been feeling withdrawals from not sewing...I've had grand kids in and out...overnight, etc. I'm not complaining...really...but, my fabric and works in progress ARE is whinning and it's starting to get loud. =P


Deb said...

Just keep thinking about all those sweet Sophie kisses!!

PS: Doesn't it seem like you always find at least one really cool quilt idea and/or WIP when you are cleaning up your sewing room than you want to start RIGHT now? :)
Your Goofy sister

Jean said...

Sounds like a fun week with gd....and it is always good to regroup that fabric. Never know what you will find.