Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Really Have Been Working

I really have been working on projects.  It's just that everything is at the stage....

I have been working at cleaning off my cutting table.  Cut some 4 patches for Celtic Solstice and I have had these strips sewn together for what seems to be forever.  I am cutting and sewing them to clean off the table.  The bonus is, I have some more blocks done!

Ready to sew.

The hot mess.
More strip sets ready to cut, will work on those again this evening.  I have homework for my sample class and a graduation quilt I need to get going on.  I need the room.  It's going to get cleaned!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Working with the quilt ministry, making quilts for Project Linus and the other local Services, is so rewarding!

Sewing away!
Monday night a group of about 6 of us added labels to quilts that Quilts From The Bluffs had made.  Since last October, we have made another 153 quilts for Project Linus,  21 for Children's Square USA and 23 for Open Door Mission.  That's a lot of quilts!

Quilts in Jeanine's guest bedroom, waiting for labels.

 More quilts!

All labeled and ready to go to Project Linus this Saturday.

It is amazing to see all these quilts.  We have such talent in our group.  Thank you Ladies!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Finish

I have another finish.  We had a Quilt Marathon on January 23 and 24 and finished about 30 some quilts, from start to finish.  Amazing ladies!  If you follow the link, you will see more quilts.

My sister Deb came to the Marathon and started a quilt but because of her chemo, ran out of energy.  So I helped her finish sewing the rows and took it home to quilt it.  Finished the binding at Quilt Day yesterday.  Love how she place the blue and black squares on the side.

We had such a good time on those 2 days.  Lots of new friendships were formed and old ones strengthened. After all, isn't that what quilting is all about?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Oh my goodness!  Have we had a the SNOW!  We went to Iowa City this past weekend and got snowed in.  But it was a beautiful snow.

Through the windshield of the car, so amazing.  The roads were still pretty slick at the start of our journey.  And once we were on the Interstate, I couldn't believe the number of cars in the ditch or median.  I counted 171 vehicles.  Prayers were said for the people involved.

Now, on Wednesday, we have another storm and no work for me!  I'll be sewing, see you later!

Monday, January 26, 2015


I finished Snapshot and it's been given away. 

Deb on the left, me on the right.

 I was making it for my sister, Deb, so she could use it as her chemo quilt.  And she is one of the few people who would enjoy my cat and dog fabric as much as myself.  Most of them we either bought together or bought ourselves and shared a fat quarter with the other.

The backing was flannel and Deb had a collie, so I thought she would like to have her collie with her during her treatments.  I did straight line quilting, since I wanted to get this done fast.  She has her second treatment on Thursday.  I forgot to take a picture of the label, but it does have one!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Leaders And Enders

I have a new Leaders and Enders project.  There was this bin of 4.5 inch squares in my stash. It's a sweater size box/bin.  These are leftovers from a rag quilt I made for our bed.  When we first moved to our acreage we had 3 dogs and 5 cats.  (Yes I love animals and so does my husband.)  I made the rag quilt as an everyday quilt to use on the bed to protect it from animal dirt and fur.  I washed that rag quilt weekly.  It did wear out and most of the animals are now deceased, except for one, and she no longer is able to jump on the bed.

Back to my Leaders and Enders story, I'm making 9 patches!  I have some other yardage and fat quarters that I will make 12 inch blocks from.  This will make a nice "boy" quilt for Children's Square USA.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Snapshot top is done!

Our LQS, Cut Up & Quilt has a monthly group called CUAQ Therapy (pronounced Quack Therapy).  They meet in the afternoon and again in the evening.  I am showing Snapshot.  (Yes I'm in the middle of talking.)  It's such a fun group!  So inspiring to see what other quilters have worked on.

Now that the top is done, I have a question.  After you make a quilt, how often do you make another one just like it?  I'm thinking I might need to, but there are so many patterns.......